Evergreen is an independantly developed real-time strategy game about building armies conducting wars with robots.

If the game is taking an excessive time to load, use this link instead!


WASD to move the camera.
Hold left shift to move quicker.
E to fast-forward
P to pause.
Left click to select units / bases.
Right click to command units to move to the mouse position.
Space to deselect all units and bases.


Tidepool 15

Fixed a bug where melee units could clip into other units.
Fixed a bug that caused the player to clip out of the map during lag spikes.
Lowered the default graphics quality.

Tidepool 14

Switched back to GitHub.
Rebalanced Magic Mangrove.
All levels (except the tutorial) now grant 3 wisdom instead of one.
Added the opening cutscene.
Added Riveted River, Cannon Canyon, The Dropoff and Kingdom's End.
Added the opening cutscene.
Changed the name on the titlescreen from "Goliath Project" (The working title) to "Evergreen" (The final title).
Added the secret.
Altered shadow rendering distance for normal and high quality rendering settings.
Rebalanced Towers Defensive.
Increased the price of Goliaths.
Goliaths are now immune to stun.
Added the Conductor.
Warlocks now gain healing and damage from the number of burning enemies in their range.
Added the closing cutscene.
Added logs on the backs of Efficiency Miners.
Fixed a bug with the Griffin's grounded jab attack being used from too far away.
Fixed a crash relating to too many fire particles generating.
You can now select single units precisely by quickly clicking on them.

Tidepool 13

Added sound effects for Engineers and Goliaths.
Added sounde effects for Warlock abilities.
Added illustrations to the ability unlock menu.
Buffed the Miner's "Resourceful" upgrade.
Fixed Blue Kingslayers causing errors.
Fixed kingslayers not counting in the unit population.
Added a slide about fast-forwarding to the tutorial.
Nerfed Warlock health from 80 to 60
Finished Magic Mangrove (Which has not been fully balance tested yet.)

Tidepool 12

Added Goliaths, huge tanks with ballistas that fire explosive bolts.
Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Shooting Stars to not hit their targets occasionally.
Altered the sound effects for Griffins.
Added sound effects for Kingslayer and Shooting Star.
Nerfed warlock heals from 50% returns to only 29%.
Fully implemented Engineers, who build Gizmos and buff friendly units with critboosts.
Fixed a bug that caused yellow team troopers to not see as far as other units.
Greatly shortedned unit build times.
Fixed ain issue with teammates being able to hit eachother.
Warlocks will not heal from hitting gizmos.
Added abilities for Irons, Griffins, Warlocks, Engineers, and Goliaths.
Lowered the cost of Griffins.
Fixed a bug that allowed Warlock flames to move while paused.
Altered the look of pine trees.
Added palm trees.
Slightly altered the water shader \( ᐛ )/
Altered the title screen.
Added the maps for the Isle of War, Port Pond, and Jagged Valley.
Added AI for Isle of War.
Fixed a bug that caused the selector sphere to sometimes disappear behind water.
Added AI for Jagged Valley.
dded letters to forts for identification.
Added a partially complete map for Magic Mangrove.
Added music.
Esc is no longer used to pause the game, as it comflicts with fullscreen. (P can still be used.)

Tidepool 11

Added objectives and a win / lose screen
Added Arrowhead Peninsula map. (The test map is now accesible through the levels after it.)
You can now advance levels by comlpeting the previous level.
Completed objectives are now saved to playerprefs.
You now gain wisdom points when completing an objective.
Added the abilities menu to the level select screen.
Wisdom points can be spent on abilities. Which currently are non-functional for most units.
Fixed a bug that caused the stats on the win/lose screen to persist through resets.
Fixed a bug that caused Archers to not fire when they have line of sight.
The tutorial brings up the win screen after completion.
Edited the water shader.
Archers now have sound effects for firing.
Irons have sound effects for sheild activity and sheildbreaking.
Warlocks have sound effects for their firespew and summon fireball attacks.
All units now have footstep sounds. (Except warlocks who hover off the ground.)
Forts now have sound effects for attempting to build a unit.
Warlock fireballs now deal passive damage.
Griffins now have sound effects. They will likely be changed in the future.
The pause menu now has sound effects.
Warlocks will nolonger receive regen from other warlocks, as to prevent infinite wizard duels.
Pause menu no longer stays closed if the user pauses during it.
Fixed a bug that prevented the tutorial from starting.
Slightly altered the colored glowing material for the yellow team, to make it more yellow than orange.
Archers can now miss their target.
The doppler effect no longer effects sounds in the game.
Added Fast Forward, which can be accessed by holding "E".
Warlocks now wait a second before retracting fireballs.
The level select screen will ask the player if they want to play the tutorial if they have no save data.
The rough outline for engineers has been added, but they are mostly nonfunctional.

Tidepool 10

Added post processing settings
Added level select screen
Added loading screens
Added the tutorial
There is now save data, which is currently only used for settings and your current level.
Archers now cost 400 wood, instead of 500
Treefall particles no longer appear on low particle mode
Arrow particles now appear on low particle mode
Fort outlines now match the color of the team that has captured them
Altered the look of the selector and fort tractor beam
Added win conditions
Ported burningFX to the shuriken particle system.
Fixed fire damage causing hit sound effects
Fixed invisible burningFX objects persisting after death
Added warlocks, a powerful pyromancer unit that heals back some of the damage it deals.

Tidepool 9

Units now cost silver and wood to spawn
Unit costs are now displayed when the button to spawn them is hovered over
Fixed a bug that caused spawn buttons to appear hovered when they should not be
Minor alterations to the splash screen
Sligtly increased the resolution of low quality mode
Added simple unit shaders
Added the unit shader option to the graphics settings
2 Yellow Miners and 3 Yellow Troopers now spawn at Point A
Removed a sapling from the test map
Added the title screen
Added the exit button to the settings menu.
Added a low particle mode

Planning to add settings that disable post processing and have more resource efficient unit selection indicators
Planning to add an actual level select screen, instead of just sending the player to the test map.

Tidepool 8

Added griffins
Added the "flying" attribute for units
Brought back spawn timers
Fixed a bug that caused spawn timers to show the incorrect population value
Remembered that I am supposed to update the version watermark
Removed the version watermark

Tidepool 7

The population indicator now flashes red when your team loses a unit.
Added Irons
Minor changes to Archer and Trooper AI regarding getting movement commands while in combat.
Added the graphics menu
Added the debug menu
Moved "switch teams" to the debug menu.
Added "graphics quality" in the graphics settings.
Changed default window size for the game.

Tidepool 6

Slightly altered the color of blue units.
Added trees, which miners can now harvest wood from, they will regrow after being cut down.
Slightly altered the terrain shader.
Miners now have a particle effect and a sound for mining.
Slightly increased the volume of hitsounds.
Minor alterations to miner ai.
Deposits are now functional.
Moved the version indicator.
Added a deposit on the blue side of the test map.
Added a bar on the top, which displays wood, silver and population.
Teams now have a count of wood and silver, which currently don't have a purpose.
Added a count of team populations, with a cap of 70 units.

Tidepool 5

"added the chopping block."
Fixed a bug that would cause green sparks when move particles were supposed to despawn.
Fixed a bug that stopped middle click from deselecting units and forts.
Replaced gold with silver in order to prevent confusion between ores and yellow units.
Fixed an issue with units floating slightly off the ground
Added miners
Changed purple team to blue team.
Silver ores are now (partially) functional. (Miners can mine from them and bring the silver to deposits, but there is no system for giving silver to teams or designating which team owns which deposit.)
Added deposits, which are currently non-functional
Spawn times have been reduced to near zero, for the sake of testing.

Tidepool 4

Made the capture UI use a radial meter instead of a vertical one.
Bug Fix: UI is no longer messed up by different resolutions
Units now have a build time and a queue, in other words, they no longer spawn instantly.
Added Archers
Added Laser Arrow particle effect (Currently shuriken only)
Minor tweaks to trooper AI regarding temporary and long term positioning.
Changed movement types from single assignment to dynamic congregations (What this means is that units will always try to fill lower rings, like with ones just spawned from a fort)
Added some rocks, will be adding more later.
Added the model for gold ores. Which are currently not functional.
Added a new terrained test map.
Switched the move command particle effect over to the shuriken particle system.
The camera now collides with terrain
Bound deselect to space, along with middle click.

Tidepool 3

Added the rest of the unit icons and animations
You can now spawn troopers from team aligned bases (In a future update, this should be given delay and cost)
Slightly altered the rim brightness of the fort's tractor beam
Added 3 points on the test map
Removed Genesis Base
Moved version indicator to the top of the screen
Fixed a bug which messed up the outlines of selected units and forts
Added unit congregations, which are currently being used to position units spawned from forts
Critical hit effects now rely on the shuriken particle system for WebGL compatibility
Some troopers will stutter in their movement, on rare occasions.
Other particle effects, such as explosions, fire, and command indicators should be moved to Shuriken

Tidepool 2

Added the purple team
Added forts, which can be capped but do not spawn units yet.
Remove the pool in the test map
Added a pause menu

Tidepool 1

(initial version)
Built a test map
Added units
Added troopers